E-ferry Evaluation video


(Press Release, March 1, 2021: E-ferry Evaluation Video)

In 2020, the E-ferry Project released a 140 page evaluation report that evaluated the revolutionary ferry project after almost a year in operation. Among other things, the report evaluated the environmental and economic results of the project, and it evaluated passenger satisfaction on the basis of questionnaires onboard the E-ferry Ellen.

Now, a video has been published which looks at the main points from the evaluation report. The video was produced by Ærø EnergyLab and is available on Ærø EnergyLab's Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCIybyg4YXhbrJ0O7_nEHxSQ

Here you can see the English version:


The video can be linked from here, on Ærø EnergyLab's Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/i8LutE2oVzs

The video is also available in Danish: https://youtu.be/eZySRNbpQKc

E-ferry's experience and evaluation report gives important insight and inspiration
The publishing of the E-ferry's experiences with 100 % electric sailing is received with much interest in the maritime world. The maritime sector seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, however, there has been a lack of demonstration projects and real-life cases available. Not least, the E-ferry project has shown that fully electric operations are feasible not only on shorter routes, but also on regional routes, which encompass the majority of for instance European ferry routes. Thus, the E-ferry project will continue to play a significant role as a demonstrator in the coming years.



The E-ferry Ellen has garnered international attention
Since the first day in operation in August 2019, the Ellen has been visited by a number of international media, for instance the BBC, CNN, TF1 and ZDF. And the Municipality of Ærø (Aeroe) has received visits from several representatives from governments and commercial operators. Also, representatives from the E-ferry project has shared their experiences and insight into fully electric operations at some of the world's largest maritime and energy related conferences, for instance the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Conference and Virtual Island Summit. Also, the E-ferry project was the recipient of the Danish Design Award 2020 and the European environmental award, European Solar Award.