RE and E-ferry brochure


Ærø EnergyLab (Ærø Municipality's energy office), has produced a new brochure about Ærø's renewable energy and the world's longest ranging electric ferry, the E-ferry Ellen.

Here you can download the English version:

The renewable energy of the island of Ærø, and the fully electric E-ferry Ellen (PDF)

There is also a Danish version available:

Ærøs vedvarende energi og den fuldt elektriske E-ferry Ellen (PDF)

In the brochure you can read about the so-called 'Energists', who started using renewable energy all the way back in the 1980s, and how their work laid the foundation for Ærø's production of 'green' electricity and 'green' district heating.


An overview of some of the island's energy attractions

The six cooperatively owned 2 MW wind turbines make it possible for Ellen to sail completely emission-free.

In the brochure you can also read about the electric ferry's energy-saving design and the electrical systems, and about how the electric ferry actually works.


Operating the E-ferry

Finally, you can also have a look at the many awards that Ærø has received through it's dedicated work with regards to the energy transition from fossil fuels to locally produced renewable energy.

The printed version of the brochure can be found on Ellen's information shelf, and the printing is financed by funds from Norlys.