The BBC visits Ærø



During August 2021 the BBC visited the island of Ærø in southern Denmark. They were here to hear about Ærø's energy installations and Ærø's innovative electric ferry, the E-ferry Ellen. A couple of months previous, the EU Commission had named Ærø as the most energy-responsible island, 2020, and the BBC had taken notice.



The journalist, Seth Coleman, toured the whole island. He visted the district heating plants and the E-ferry, and Jesper Balslev, director of the cooperatively funded and owned wind turbine installations, took him up into the tower of one of the turbines, where the journalist experienced the slightly swaying tower in the heavy winds.






The journalist also visited picturesque Søbygaard Castle, and heard about the seven kilometers of water-to-water heatpump pipes that are embedded in the mote. The heatpump heats up the castle during winter months. Finally, he visted Louise Badino from the Ærø Experiment, which operates on a grassroots level with how Ærø's citizens can help each other become more sustainable in their daily lives.



The report from Ærø has now been published on the BBC webpage BBC Reel, which contains features from around the world. You can see the video below, or directly on BBC's homepage.