The E-ferry Ellen breaks distance world record


On behalf of the E-ferry project, Danfoss is now applying for the Ellen to be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

On June 9. 2022, Ellen completed a record-breaking distance between charges, namely 50 nautical miles, or 92 kilometers. Ellen's chief captain, John Toft, was in charge of the navigation, and he was assisted by helmsman Martin Christoffersen.

Ellen was hired by Danfoss in connection with the International Energy Agency (IEA) having its annual conference in Sønderborg. The meeting this year focused on energy efficiency, and in this regard, it is worth noting that Ellen, in addition to sailing emission-free, is also extremely capable of utilizing the energy supplied in an efficient manner. The energy efficiency of the entire system is 85 %, seen from the transformer on land to the propeller, which is far better than what can be achieved with a traditional combustion engine.



Having arrived in Sønderborg, Ellen became the center of a number of guided tours, where delegates from 25 countries, including several ministers, came aboard the ferry and saw the systems up close, including the battery rooms and engine rooms.



Henrik Hagbarth Mikkelsen, lecturer at Marstal School of Navigation, and one of the people behind the Ellen concept, was in charge of the tours. He was flanked by Cecilie Larsen, who is the project manager for the upcoming electric ferries that will sail between Ærøskøbing and Svendborg.



Ellen sailed slower than usual, as higher speeds use more energy, and during the trip it was calculated that Ellen has her longest range at a speed of 9 knots. This speed is the intersection point, in the sense that the ferry, in addition to using power for the actual propulsion, also uses power for the instrumentation, lights, temperature control of the battery compartment, etc. Ellen typically sails 12.6 knots on the route between Søby and Fynshav. 

Of course, we hope that the Guinness Book of Records accepts the data plot, and makes the record official.